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About the School

Our Mission

The mission of Beaumont Middle School is to educate students for meaningful participation in a changing world. Building upon a thorough foundation of basic skills, we want to respect personal uniqueness and educate the whole child to reach maximum potential. By using a team-oriented setting and utilizing input from the entire school community, we are committed to help students (1) achieve academic success, (2) demonstrate appropriate behavior, and (3) participate in extracurricular activities.

About the School

Beaumont offers a rigorous instructional program that challenges all students at high levels, with advanced courses available in each core subject at all grade levels. French, Spanish and German are provided, along with a range of exploratory and elective classes including robotics and speech and drama. In addition, students can join more than 20 clubs and teams, which require a community service project. Our intramural program also boasts more than 700 participants each year.

Students and staff follow the Colts Creed: "Come prepared, Obey the rules, Laugh often, Take care of each other, and Success will follow." High-quality staff and school pride are evident at Beaumont. Go, Colts!

Beaumont school building